picture diary:2005


2005-01-06-from my window and roof 2005-01-08-the darker side of tallinn 2005-01-22-visiting tartu 2005-01-25-snow
2005-02-05-bright night in tallinn 2005-02-06-balloons in tallinn 2005-02-12-the paldiski adventure 2005-03-10-the new china and candles
2005-03-20-canterbury cathedral 2005-03-21-peter and trishas house 2005-03-25-26-playing with the new camera 2005-03-25-the newly painted eggs
2005-03-25-walk to pirita 2005-03-26-breaking the ice 2005-03-henriks visit 2005-04-01-linas visit
2005-04-20-cooking 2005-04-23-helin-mar...r concert and dinner 2005-04-23-souptown 2005-04-29-studentdays in tartu
2005-05-08-rainy day in vosu 2005-05-09-fireworks in tallinn 2005-05-14-exhibitio...inn and meeting elen 2005-05-15-tallinn days
2005-05-19-kolmarden 2005-05-20-soderkoping 2005-05-20-sorting out telegrams at pers 2005-05-21-glasriket
2005-05-21-kim and karinas wedding 2005-05-22-testing the camera in backebo 2005-05-22-visiting oland and kalmar castle 2005-05-24-at stoffes place
2005-05-24-grona lund and koh phangan 2005-05-rollerskating 2005-06-03-tallinn old town days 2005-06-04-house 1 and viljandi
2005-06-13-the koppel brothers 2005-06-23-jaanipaev in vosu 2005-06-29-photo session in old town 2005-07-02-hanseatic days in tartu
2005-07-09-in riga for the day 2005-07-10-parnu beach 2005-07-21-helen in kanepi 2005-07-27-helen in vosu
2005-07-30-viljandi folk music festival 2005-08-02-family visiting 2005-08-05-jenga baby 2005-08-06-bicycle ride to viimsi
2005-08-28-saaremaa, hiiumaa and muhu 2005-09-00-misc usa 2005-09-03-san francisco 2005-09-04-a yardsale
2005-09-04-b california state fair 2005-09-09-a driving to lake tahoe 2005-09-09-b where ...d my first taco bell 2005-09-09-c lake tahoe
2005-09-09-d driving and mono lake 2005-09-09-e driving to tonopah 2005-09-10-a tonopah historic mining park 2005-09-10-alecs pictures from the roadtrip
2005-09-10-b highway 375 aka area 51 2005-09-10-c driving to las vegas 2005-09-10-d las vegas baby 2005-09-16-a downtown placerville
2005-09-16-b orchard 2005-09-16-c jennifers horses 2005-09-17-team oNaNi goes paintballing 2005-09-18-scary sacramento
2005-09-30-helens balcony and fishes 2005-10-01-a taevaskoda 2005-10-01-b seto village 2005-10-01-c piusa caves
2005-10-01-d sauna with katri and piret 2005-10-08-katri and piret having fun 2005-11-05-haapsalu train station 2005-11-05-patrik and therese visiting
2005-11-11-rasmus birthday party 2005-11-20-a-exploring reykjavik 2005-11-20-b-4x4 jeep safari 2005-11-20-c-cave excursion
2005-11-20-d-icelandic crisps 2005-11-21-a-on the road again 2005-11-21-b-walking...he massive waterfall 2005-11-21-c-secret waterfall
2005-11-22-a-vattnajokull 2005-11-22-b-driving back 2005-11-22-c-up the mountain we go 2005-11-22-d-more driving
2005-11-22-e-our own cottage 2005-11-23-a-the trolls at the beach 2005-11-23-b-more mountain driving 2005-11-23-c-massive...ectric power station
2005-11-23-d-even more mountain driving 2005-11-23-e-gulfoss 2005-11-23-f-icelandic nazis 2005-11-24-a-pingvellir and surroundings
2005-11-24-a-the blue lagoon 2005-11-24-c-own apartment 2005-11-25-a-riding icelandic horses 2005-11-25-b-hot springs outside hveragerdi
2005-11-26-last day in reykjavik 2005-12-04-elens bir...ka the dentist party 2005-12-22-making the tree nice 2005-12-23-monopoly ...is, jonas and patrik
2005-12-24-christmas in backebo 2005-12-25-party at johanna snyggs place 2005-12-26-a lindas new baby, filippa 2005-12-26-b visiting anna and johan
2005-12-26-c at johans place 2005-12-28-walk in the snowy forest 2005-12-29-the snow 2005-12-31-new year

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