picture diary:2004


2004-01-04-bowling and cooking 2004-01-05-meeting f... and travelling home 2004-01-17-day in lo... with paul and jason 2004-01-25-meeting adrian and nic in london
2004-01-30-doing london with hanna 2004-02-01-henrik and me doing norrkoping 2004-02-02-me and dennis getting facials 2004-02-14-valentines day at kim and karina
2004-02-21-travelling home from linkoping 2004-04-02-mum and friends line dancing 2004-04-03-friends in oskarshamn 2004-04-08-party with anna g and friends
2004-04-11-walking around in malmo 2004-04-13-in lincolnshire 2004-04-15-spending ...th karin and friends 2004-04-24-coffee by the river
2004-04-25-kim and karina home again 2004-04-30-sisters cabaret 2004-05-01-uncles 35th birthday 2004-05-08-2 party pics
2004-05-22-weekend with anna g 2004-05-26-adventure with lina 2004-05-29-bbq 2004-06-10-sisters last day at school
2004-06-12-susannes birthday party 2004-06-25-midsommar 2004-07-07-my crib 2004-09-10-birthday weekend in norrkoping
2004-10-24-visiting ...e dales and skegness 2004-10-29-dinner with the cats protection 2004-10-30-enjoying lincoln 2004-10-30-terry and vicky
2004-10-31-satsuma and avp 2004-11-02-election night 2004-11-14-friends in blekinge 2004-11-19-first real snow
2004-12-22-walking in the forest 2004-12-25-juldagen 2004-12-30-first few days in tallinn 2004-12-31-new year in tallinn

Hyr sommarstuga i Alsterbro

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