picture diary:2003


2003-01-02-at home 2003-01-02-southend 2003-01-04-grays 2003-01-07-at home
2003-01-08-by the sea 2003-01-08-snowing 2003-01-13-the house 2003-01-18-by the sea
2003-01-25-the seafront 2003-01-25-the seafront - remade 2003-01-27-post avantnoise 2003-01-29-on our way out
2003-03-14-the park 2003-03-15-walk 2003-04-11-at sainsburys etc 2003-04-12-bicycle ride
2003-04-15-the tree 2003-04-16-coldplay and feeder 2003-04-18-by the sea 2003-04-20-the new parks
2003-04-22-the cat 2003-04-29-the new office 2003-05-06-flower 2003-05-07-sweden, day 1
2003-05-08-the cats 2003-05-12-misc 2003-05-13-skeppsholmen 2003-06-11-hagelby
2003-06-11-sweden 2003-06-18-skansen 2003-06-21-the butterfly house 2003-06-22-misc
2003-06-23-boat sightseeing 2003-06-25-ice gallery 2003-06-26-misc 2003-06-27-saltkrakan
2003-07-27-daniel playing 2003-08-04-at the pub 2003-08-06-lunch in the park 2003-08-08-the cat
2003-08-08-the cat 2 2003-08-25-colchester zoo 2003-08-29-ects 2003-10-25-at terrys
2003-11-02-new clothes 2003-11-13-mimmi visiting 2003-11-22-eating tacos at jonas place 2003-11-23-henrik and lina visiting
2003-11-23-me surfing 2003-11-24-hanging at mcdonalds 2003-11-25-swimming 2003-11-26-dinner with meqon
2003-11-27-meeting an old friend 2003-11-28-glogg evening 2003-11-29-last day 2003-12-05-people in the office
2003-12-10-aqualung and feeder 2003-12-16-sexy alec 2003-12-18-julbord 2003-12-19-student pub
2003-12-20-dinner with friends 2003-12-21-roadtrip, church and friends 2003-12-22-losing money then meeting tina and anna 2003-12-23-dinner with hanna
2003-12-24-xmas 2003-12-25-kristoffer and maria 2003-12-26-annandagen 2003-12-30-meeting amanda and jessica
2003-12-31-new year

Kim Johanssons datormissbruk

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